Monday, December 28, 2009

Trying to expand my horizons

I must admit that I'm heavily into consistency and routine. It is almost embarassing for me to say that I can't stand change and really like things to continue on their merry way each and every day.

So now I'm trying to expand my horizon as I head into my 39th year (oh I hate saying that - it actually made me wince as I was typing)! I've decided to try a few new things and I'm using this blog as a platform to track my progress.

My new plans include:
-entering blog contests --> I had heard about these but just started trying them in the past couple of weeks. It is actually lots of fun and I'm learning a lot about cool products I'd never heard of before!

-tweeting about blog contests --> I've been using Twitter since the summer for professional pursuits but never realized how much fun it was to connect with other people through posting blog contests!

-weight loss and exercise --> yes it isn't as fun as the first two but I'm hoping it will be in time! I've completely fallen off the wagon in terms of my diet and exercise but I'm working on a complete plan. More to come later in this blog!

A brief start but a good beginning with more to follow.