Saturday, January 30, 2010

Keep on Trucking (no matter what life sends you!)

It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I last posted.

I have been to the gym a few times but I haven't been consistent (there is absolutely NO excuse). The great motivator I have found is finding great reading material though - if I can find something that I love to read that it does provide me with an incentive to go!

I've also been blessed to win some great giveaways through blogs that I am really excited to both keep and share with the people I love! I actually find it pretty relaxing to sit down, check out other people's blogs, enter some giveaways and enjoy reading about the lives of others! I actually went to enter a giveaway of a gal who was expecting, chose to follow her on Twitter and found out that she literally JUST had her baby! It was so cool!

The pitfalls were a couple of things that hopefully can be resolved soon. I had an accident the other day and managed to get banged up. Luckily it seems like nothing is long-term and I just needed some R&R to reduce the pain and feel better! The other pitfall involves my husband's computer. He went to turn it on last night and it has decided to die! He thought it was the fan, fiddled around with it quite a bit but it doesn't want to respond! It is a tough call because it's not in our budget and he is trying to decide if he should get it looked at (which might be throwing good money after bad) or try and hang in long enough to get a new one. He really needs one so I might have to forgo my ventures online while he uses mine - though mine isn't really ideal either. That is something we'll have to deal with this weekend.

Anyway, I hope people are still reading! I was thrilled by the comments to my second post and then it was like I got too excited because noone posted again (except about the great lip-balm making kit for my girls, which was SUPER COOL and arrived yesterday!).

Happy Saturday all!

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