Sunday, January 10, 2010

Positive Starts (some more than others, but all positive in the end!)

Well, I've started the New Year with a bang in some ways and a whimper in others!

I set myself some goals related to entering blog contests and weight loss. I decided to post today because I've made some progress on both goals, though one has gone really well and the other one - well...not so much!

I've been entering blog contests. I really like doing them though I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have 20 hours a day to do so! I do work full-time and I have things to do once I'm at home that means I have to fit the blog contests in where I can.

I've had some amazing wins already though and that has sparked my interest in entering blog contests! I was lucky enough to win a Flip camcorder from a Canada-only blog contest. I was SO thrilled to wake up on New Year's Day and find out that I had won! I have already told the little kids and they are really excited too! Now I just have to wait for the camcorder to arrive. I also won a gorgeous necklace that I was very excited to win. I had actually bookmarked the company's site after I entered because I loved the necklaces and thought they might make for an interesting fundraiser at work. Imagine my surprise to find out that I had won! I haven't gotten the necklace or the Flip yet but I excited that will be coming!

My second goal involved losing some weight. The year started out well but I managed to gain 5 pounds in the matter of a week! I hit the highest weight I've been in 10 years (180 pounds - I hate saying that) but it has lit a fire under me to get back to my old regime!

I started back at the gym today. I managed to complete 20 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 mph and an increasing incline. I then spent 35 minutes on the bike at a random setting and Level 1. I obviously have to work on this front to increase my speeds and my intensity levels but I was pleased that I had started back again!

I am going to use this blog to track my progress in terms of my exercise and weight as well as other reflections I make. I think it will serve as an inspiration for me!

Happy Sunday!


  1. sounds like some great plans and great prizes that you have won as well

  2. Good luck with meeting all your goals!