Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Camper!

Well, my hubby is a happy camper! He finally got a new tower to replace the one that died (luckily my family member let him borrow the other one for a couple of weeks)!

He is happy to have Windows 7 and kept talking about all the great hardware on his new pc - until he looked at me and said, "You have no idea what I am talking about, do you?" and I had to admit I had no clue! :P

I won a beautiful Valentine's Day basket from Northern Mama! It came yesterday and included a bottle of wine, a big cookie (it was a great debate on who got to eat it so we decided to share it!) and some pretty cards and great Glade candles!

My girls are also thrilled that a play table arrived that I had won!

Hubby is complaining there are too many boxes in the house so I'll have to break them all down - but the boxes are a small price to pay for such wonderful things!

Now just to get myself back to the gym..... :P That is tomorrow!


  1. So you've won a Flip camcorder, a DIY lip balm kit, a Valentine's basket and now an Upper Canada Soap body truffles prize? Aside from your terrible fall, your year seems to have gotten off to a great start! Check your email.

    And hope you have a great Valentine's day!

  2. Thanks Diana! I got your email - I'm very excited as I've always wanted to try the Upper Canada Body Truffles!